At NEST, modern design respects the environment, enhances the experience of the home owner and encourages socialization. It reflects warmth through native and natural materials, with color and texture, detailed with an appreciation for modern technology and lifestyle. There is a difference between building a house, and creating Architecture. There is a difference between “a building” and “architecture”. NEST is about Architecture - the art of creating environments that enhance living, evoke emotion and conversation. We create nests that are distinctive and supportive of today’s lifestyles.

Respecting our environment, minimizing our carbon footprint and living well is deeply rooted in our designs. We use materials that are largely made from local products, recycled and reclaimed products and are very energy efficient. Far exceeding Energy Star standards, your NEST Home will need less air conditioning, less water consumption and less energy than other homes. You can be proud that your NEST Home does more than its share of protecting our environment and respecting nature.