To many, the term luxury means wasteful or opulent, and the term sustainable means bohemian living. At NEST, we are proving that that luxury and sustainability can live together in comfort and harmony.  Every NEST Home is unique but they share these common values. 

The Building Envelope

A NEST Home is a tightly sealed envelope of energy-efficient materials. You won’t find vents in the attic because we ensure our air conditioning units are in a conditioned space, making it more efficient to cool the air. The less energy used, the smaller the carbon footprint, thus the less impact on the environment.

Natural Light

NEST increases the amount of glass in all daytime areas of our homes. By increasing glazing, we flood the space with natural light and connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural light, not only reduces the energy consumption, but studies show natural light improves the health and well-being of your family.

High-Efficiency Windows and Doors

Windows and doors have a major impact on the energy efficiency of a home design. Our windows are not just “energy efficient” (which all claim to be), they are among the highest efficiency on the market.

Durable Environmentally Friendly Materials

NEST believes in natural luxury. Most of the materials NEST specifies are produced from rapidly renewable, recycled and reclaimed products to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Reduced Heating and Cooling Energy

The heating and cooling systems we use offer greater room-by-room control and a very high level of efficiency. We use dual compressors and multizone distribution, which allows NEST Owners to program and control most rooms individually. This means, we can use smaller high-efficiency units because they are not trying to cool the entire house all at once – just the rooms that need it. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Next to your heating and cooling, lighting consumes the most energy. That’s why NEST Homes use LED and fluorescent fixtures throughout the home. Motion sensors are used for lighting and exhaust fans in bathrooms, closets, pantry and garage areas, while programmable timers are used for exterior lighting.

Water Conservation

Fresh water supply in the Southwest is diminishing, rapidly making it a precious natural resource. Through the use of drip irrigation, reduced turf areas and native-low-water use plantings, we are able to reduce water consumption and help preserve fresh water resources. 

Home Energy Management / Security / Automation Integration

All of our systems have remote monitoring capabilities through Z-wave and RF technologies. You can program and manage your home, control HVAC and lights, activate locks and alarm systems all from your smartphone.

Reduced Average Utility Bills

Because we design homes from an environmentally holistic viewpoint, you can expect electric bills to be 30% to 70% more efficient than other homes in the neighborhood.